April 2019


Our email subscriber list is still decreasing, despite more regular monthly emails. Our subscribers, broken down by how often they open and click our emails:

  • 20% Often
  • 5% Sometimes
  • 72% Rarely

The April newsletter did see more opens and clicks, but our overall subscriber numbers continued to decrease. In early April we did have more email blasts; the newsletter, haiku contest blast, conference blast and also a blast about the planting for Arbor Day in Fountaingrove.  

CAUFC Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 1,244
Facebook page followers: 1,455
Twitter: 950
Email subscribers: 1,517

We experienced a spike in our likes on Facebook in late March. Twitter followers have seen no real change for several months. 

Email Audience Stats:

Email Master List
Average open rate 19.8%
Average click rate 2.2%

April newsletter
15.9% opens
2.7% clicks

March newsletter
15.3% opens
1.2% clicks

February newsletter
16.4% opens
3.5% clicks

CAUFC Website Views and Visits

Views and visitors were up in February, but have decreased in March and April. I’m expecting these numbers to increase in the coming months as we begin to promote the conference and awards more. The holding page for the 2019 conference has already received 14.3% of our total views for the month since going live on March 29.


  • Visitors to the site arrive via the home page, or the archived home page, with 50.5% of page views.
  • Events calendar still attract visitors, with 9.3% of views, mostly for the Sacramento Valley Regional Urban Council hosting events every other month.

Posts & Pages visits past 30 days

CaUFC – 39.1%
2019 Conference – 14.3%
Events – 9.3%
Home page / archives – 9.3%
Why urban forests? – 6.8%
About us – 5.4%
Resources – 4.9%
Sidewalk vs Trees – 3.9%
Ca Climate Trees Map – 3.6%
Board – 3.4%

Posts & Pages visits all time

CaUFC 37.4%
Home page / archives 13.1%
Why urban forests? 7.6%
Conference 2017 7.1%
Events 6.6%
About us 6.5%
Schedule 6%
Resources 5.6%
CaUFC – 50 years 5.2%
Board 4.8%


The campaign for Arbor Day / California Arbor Week / Earth Day has yet to yield any donations. We have also set up a page for conference sponsorship, but haven’t seen any donations through the page yet.

Our standard donation page has yielded $4,383.98 since going live. This amount includes $4,000 for our advocacy work from one of our new sponsors.

I will be attending Classy conference in June to try to discover new and interesting ways of telling our story to assist in our fundraising efforts. 

Classy Total $4,810.30


IFGU Communications Channels

Facebook page likes: 902
Facebook page followers: 992
Twitter: 543
Instagram: 644

IFGU Website Views and Visits:

People are coming to the site for the free trees and to get information about upcoming events. The Arbor Day Community Canopy page is the most visited page over the past 30 days.

Other pages, including the CIRCLE3.0 page, Tree Planting, and Latest News, Adopt a tree and the CA Tree Team Resources page are amongst the top 10 most visited pages in the past month.

Posts & Pages visits past 30 days

CIRCLE3.0 – 38.5%
Arbor Day Community Canopy – 20.8%
Tree Planting & Latest News – 9.1%
Trees are the lungs of the earth – 6%
CA Tree team resources – 5.6%
Resources – 5.4%
About – 4.2%
Trees mean business – 3.3%

Posts & Pages visits all time

Home page / archives – 23.2%
Trees are the lungs of the earth – 20.8%
CIRCLE3.0 – 9.4%
Arbor Day Community Canopy – 9%
CIRCLE – 8.8%
Tree Planting & Latest News – 6.4%
Resources – 6.4%
Home – 5.8%
10 Myths about trees – 5.2%
CIRCLE2.0 – 5%