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Code: 641774#




11:00 AM – Call to Order & Introductions – Emily

11:05 AM – Approve Agenda – Emily

11:10 AM – Approve Consent Calendar – Emily

  • 3.7.19 Board Meeting Minutes
  • Executive Director’s Report
  • Communications Director’s Report

11:20 AM – Old Business

  • Review & renew Office Lease
  • Review and approve suggested language change to bylaws
  • Review and approve Edits to Governance Framework to include Regional Councils

11:35 AM – Friendraising

  • Discuss and Vote on Sara Gaskin’s Board Application
  • Efforts to recruit two additional board members (see minutes)

11:45 AM – Next Steps Annual Support Campaign

  • Video training
  • Board member Commitments/timeline/goals/accomplishments by April 19, 2019; campaign to start 4/21/19

11:55 AM – Review Action Items

Noon – Adjourn


Action Items

  • Review and renew a contract for the lease agreement; approaching end of 2nd year. – attached in board packet
  • Nancy to schedule a 2018 audit. – Nancy has reached out to auditor
  • Isby to share examples of agendas with objectives.
  • Deb to add video and history to Board page
  • Nancy and Deb to make sure we have a good system for downloading/archiving Deb’s Communication Reports. complete
  • Nancy and Emily and Deb to made sheet distinguishing titles and roles of two types of Board Members. It will be noted that if
  • Regional Council –members take on executive roles; they will have to take on fundraising requirements. Nancy completed this draft document entitled Governance Framework – attached in packet
  • Nancy to draft absentee language for bylaws. Nancy completed this draft attached
  • For April:
    • Discussion of Board Member roles a priority (Executive Committee members needed)
    • Vote on bylaw revisions
    • Kick-off Spring campaign
    • Establish annual calendar (regular and in-person meetings)
    • Communications Plan review/updates
  • Deb to set up pages for new members; Board members to make sure up to date. Nancy to reach out to Matt and Daniel for bios/photos. All pages set up by next meeting: April 19, 2019. Done 4/14/19
  • Nancy to finalize Regional Council end of year expenses and develop Grant Tracking Sheet. Late May
  • Nancy to develop form for regional councils to report at meetings. – late May
  • Email Board for Conference committee members, ideas, and sponsors. – sponsorship form attached
  • Board Members to review the Communications Plan and identify questions/thoughts for 2019 goals/actions.